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About Y&M

The project “Youth and Media” aims at analyzing the position of youth and media in 11 South-East European Countries. Metamorphosis Foundation and Youth Educational Forum, as the lead activity in this project, implemented a research aiming to explore the relations between youth and media. The research investigates the position of youth in media, the needs of youth from media, as well as their integration in media. The research was conducted in Macedonia, as well as in: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece.

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Y&M Conference

e-Society: Youth and Media is a two-day conference organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation and the Youth Educational Forum, exploring media from a youth perspective, youth led media, media literacy, information quality, digital media activism, music and movements. The conference is an open, creative, interactive space providing information and enabling discussion, various activities and networking. e-Society: Youth and Media challenges the traditional views of youth and media, and aims to provide knowledge and inspiration for every participant.

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  • Macedonia: Metamorphosis and Youth Educational Forum
  • Albania: Eunacal Institute
  • Bosnia: One World SEE
  • Bulgaria: Association of European Journalsts
  • Croatia: Forum za slobodu odgoja /Forum for Freedom in Education
  • Greece: United Societies of Balkans
  • Kosovo: NGO LENS
  • Montenegro: CEMI
  • Serbia: Belgrade Open School
  • Slovenia: Zavod Inštitut za elektronsko participacijo – INePA / Institute for Electronic Participation – INePA
  • Turkey: İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi Genclik Calismalari Birimi