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Policy, practices, and proportion of spending on locally-based suppliers at significant locations of operation. As well, the Board, through its Governance Committee, annually conducts an evaluation exercise led by autonomous experts. LA15 Return to work and retention rates after parental leave, by gender. Moreover, we are prudently investing to expand the electricity distribution network and developing community energy projects to meet the demands of our growing community. Customers in Rockwood will be shifted over to Time-of-Use rates in mid Not Not tracked EN3 Direct energy consumption by primary energy source. The GRI 3. Not Not tracked EN22 Total weight of waste by type and disposal method. Board of Directors Guelph Hydro Inc.

  • Guelph Hydro Sustainability Report by eSolutionsGroup Ltd Issuu
  • Waterloo North Hydro Inc 11 Employees US Staff
  • Sustainability Report by eSolutionsGroup Ltd Issuu

  • View Erik Veneman's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Erik has Manager of Engineering at Waterloo North Hydro Inc.

    Guelph Hydro Sustainability Report by eSolutionsGroup Ltd Issuu

    (5 years). View Erik Veneman's business profile as Growth Vice President, Innovation at Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. Find contact's Waterloo North Hydro Inc. June 22, Erik Veneman, Waterloo North Hydro Inc. referred to herein as "WNH" is a corporation, incorporated under the laws.
    Report Parameters 3.

    Remediation HR11 Number of grievances related to human rights filed, addressed and resolved through formal.

    Waterloo North Hydro Inc 11 Employees US Staff

    As an added benefit to the community, six local contractors were employed to install the new lighting, generating approximately 1, hours of work for contractors in the area. Non-Regulated Company 1.

    Preparing Our Network for Electric Vehicles We expect that over the next few years, residents and fleet managers will increasingly purchase plug-in electric vehicles.

    Environmental Stewardship Developing Sustainable Energy Communities, Championing Energy Conservation and Protecting the Environment At Guelph Hydro, our mission is to invest in energy-related initiatives that benefit the communities in which we operate and align with the energy-related objectives of the Province of Ontario, the City of Guelph, and our shareholder.

    Details about these programs may be found at: www.

    With hourly, daily, weekly and monthly electricity consumption data available on-line, customers have the information they need at their fingertips to make smart choices about their energy usage.

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    Key operational pillars of safety, reliability, regulatory compliance and environmental stewardship ranked exceptionally well in and are detailed in this report.

    Guelph Hydro Inc. Karen Farbridge.

    images erik veneman waterloo north hydro inc.

    In addition to taking care of day-to-day operations, Guelph Hydro is looking ahead and preparing wisely for the future. Compliance SO8 Monetary value of significant fines and total number of non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations.

    In total, the company submitted applications to the Ontario Power Authority for

    Waterloo North Hydro Inc.

    – Comments on Stray Voltage Proposal. Page 1 of 3 [email protected] or Erik Veneman at Waterloo North Hydro Inc. (WNH) is a named party in the Board's Notice of Our prime contact for this project is Erik Veneman, P. Eng., Manager of Distribution.

    Get Erik Veneman's email address, v****[email protected] Manager of Distribution Engineering @ Waterloo North Hydro Inc.

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    Distribution Engineering Supervisor.
    Meanwhile, Guelph Hydro ensured the electricity system could easily accept energy generated by local renewable energy facilities such as rooftop solar and could also accommodate parking lots equipped with electric vehicle charging stations.

    One spill of 65 litres of a non-controlled, non-hazardous product. Not Equal remuneration for women and men LA14 Ratio of basic salary and remuneration of women to men by employee category, by significant locations of operation.

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    Guelph Hydro has always prided itself on providing its Shareholder with steady growth and a stable dividend and customers with safe, reliable, cost-effective services. Percentage and total number of significant investment agreements and contracts that include clauses incorporating human rights concerns, or that have undergone human rights screening.

    Data for this report was collected and analyzed by Guelph Hydro Inc. Fully Sustainability Report - Corporate Governance - p.

    Sustainability Report by eSolutionsGroup Ltd Issuu

    Erik veneman waterloo north hydro inc.
    We measure ourselves in terms of economic value, social responsibility and environmental stewardship and are pleased to provide this report on our performance in each of these areas.

    Policy decisions made by the government and our regulator, the Ontario Energy Board, have a tremendous impact on how Guelph Hydro operates so government relations have taken on a new importance. We have made environmental management an integral part of planning and decisionmaking, and have adopted best practices for managing operational and environmental risks. We welcome your feedback on our Sustainability Report.

    Ensure we enhance our position as an asset to our Shareholder and the communities we serve by engaging all stakeholders in our key initiatives and objectives. Not EU22 Number of people physically or economically displaced and compensation, broken down by type of project. Number of grievances related to human rights filed, addressed and resolved through formal grievance mechanisms.

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    1. Fully The company adheres to all laws, standards and voluntary codes in its marketing and public relations activities. Planned capacity against projected electricity demand over the long term, broken down by energy source and regulatory regime.

    2. Not Not tracked EN27 Percentage of products sold and their packaging materials that are reclaimed by category. Safety, reliability and the ability to meet an increasing demand for electricity in our growing community are key issues for Guelph Hydro.

    3. Occupational health and safety LA6 Percentage of total workforce represented in formal joint managementworker health and safety committees that help monitor and advise on occupational health and safety programs.

    4. OM Guelph Hydro Inc. Fully No formal policy regarding buying from locally-based suppliers EC7 Procedures for local hiring and proportion of senior management hired from the local community at significant locations of operation.