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images type 18 shuttle

Allocation of the larger Danube-class runabout to starships in the field proved too costly, and with the expressed need by the Sovereign-class development team for a capable shuttle, the Type was born. Short of a full-fledged transport ship, the Type-9A Cargo Shuttle is the primary shuttle of choice for cargo runs at major Starfleet facilities. Specifications Workpod Length: 6. With a large cargo area that can also seat six passengers, the shuttle is a capable transport craft. Gallery: Federation Shuttlecraft. Sphinx workpod.

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  • The Type 18 shuttlepod was a type of Federation Starfleet warp-capable shuttlecraft.

    images type 18 shuttle

    Inwhen the prototype USS Defiant was sent into the Gamma. SMALLCRAFT CLASS Type shuttlepod Affiliation: Federation Starfleet Classification: shuttlepod Service period: s Dimensions Length: meters Width. The Chaffee was born out of necessity when it was discovered that the physical studio model of the original Type 18 shuttlepod had been stolen.

    images type 18 shuttle

    [3] Effects.
    The lifeboats may be combined to clusters in the "gaggle mode". The fully pressurized craft has changed little in design during the past years, although periodic updates to the internal systems are done routinely.

    While rarely seen stationed aboard all but the largest starships, the Type-9A is a common site at any large Starfleet facility. Its engine pods were built from disposable razors.

    Type 18 Shuttle Specs

    It was not visible in the episode, though. General description This type of shuttlecraft is in use at least on ships of the Intrepid class. Argo shuttle.

    images type 18 shuttle
    Type 18 shuttle
    Comfortable seating for four and moderate cargo space is still achieved without sacrificing speed and maneuverability.

    Delta Flyer escape pod. Intended never to be far from its parent facility, the Workpod was designed to allow greater user hands-on control of the various functions involved with day-to-day construction and repair. Type 15A.

    Type 18 Shuttle Images Image 1

    I have taken the color and the number of the shuttle from Probert's sketch.

    Class Name: Type 18 Shuttle. Type: Shuttlepod. Unit Run: 1, built in total.

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    have been lost in all. Commissioned: - present. The Type Shuttlepod is a two person craft primarily used for short-ranged Developed in the mids, the Type Shuttlepod is somewhat of a departure.

    images type 18 shuttle

    The Federation Type 18 shuttlecraft originally came from the future when then Vice-Admiral Janeway took a version of the shuttle back through time to rescue the.
    It may qualify as another variant of the shuttle design.

    Annotations For dramaturgic reasons the TOS shuttle had to be much slower than the Enterprise, and it wasn't even supposed to have warp drive.

    ACTD Advanced Starship Design Bureau Shuttle Specs

    Type 8. Specifications Width: 3. Annotations The shuttle was designed by Andrew Probert. No copyright infringement is intended.

    images type 18 shuttle
    Type 18 shuttle
    Intrepid aeroshuttle.

    This is the one point in this entire page where you'll find that, for the first time, the authors step out of the Star Trek universe and back into our own 21st Century mindset.

    Ex Astris Scientia Federation Shuttlecraft

    It is not known from whether the design of the Nenebek TNG: "Final Mission" originates from the planet Pentarus V or if it is a common civilian short-range shuttle. The publication 30 Jahre Star Trek calls the shuttle 5 "Magellan".

    The shuttle named Einstein is the one that Decker steals in the remastered version of "The Doomsday Machine", according to Mike Okuda he fixed a naming error because the original episode re-used stock footage of the meanwhile destroyed Galileo. Academy trainer craft.

    This could be either the name for the shuttles aboard the NCC too, or it could denote a warp-capable variant, if we insist on the Enterprise shuttles being impulse-only although it would make no sense to give the ship such an inferior shuttle type.

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    1. The model depicted on many websites is not the actual studio model though, but a replica that was detailed by Rick Sternbach.